Expect a memorable

Back in the old days, on-site selling was about a nicely decorated marketing suite and a helpful person with a clipboard. But now expectations are much higher - people expect a memorable experience that stays with them long after they’ve left the building. We’ve done some brilliant site sales work over the years, turning beautiful sales suites into customer experiences that people remember, share and tell their friends about. Having the right space and the right people is critical - it’s all part of a seamless customer journey that starts with your sales and marketing strategy.


So if you give us the space, we’ll apply our creativity, know-how and enthusiasm to create something truly special that sells like crazy. 


Our site sales team will deliver:

  • A bulletproof customer journey
  • A super-efficient sales rate
  • Recruitment of top notch sales staff
  • Regular mystery shop to ensure standards are kept up
  • Ongoing training
  • Sales staff trained the JL way
  • Target setting and day-to-day management of sales suite


Get a dose of fresh thinking

Our team of consultants will develop a strategy to help you sell your development quickly and profitably - and let’s be honest, those are the two things you care about most. We can work alongside your existing sales and marketing team, or step into that role for you - whichever works for you.

Bring us in during the planning stage, and we’ll share our decades of wisdom with a dose of fresh thinking. Help us understand what your goal is, and we’ll put together a sales and marketing strategy that delivers. Tell us what you’re all about, and we’ll sort out your branding, advertising, marketing and social media too.  All you have to do it sit back and watch the sales come in.

Sales strategy

Property sales get our blood pumping, but a goal without a plan is just a wish. Tell us what you’re trying to achieve, and we’ll create the plan that will get you there. Bring us in as early as you can, and we’ll help get you the best £/sqft, help you with layouts and specification, support you with direct or agent sales, and sort out all the admin for conveyancing and HTB.

Marketing and Branding

The difference between a development that stalls and a development that flies is great branding and marketing. But it’s not a last-minute job - you should be thinking about it as soon as you’ve signed the deal on the land. We’ll help you get under the skin of your audience and the location to create a marketing and branding strategy that outperforms the competition from the off.


Anyone who thinks that selling property in todays market is just about estate agents, listings on property websites and newspaper ads is not living in the real world. New development needs a tailored advertising strategy that reaches your target audience in the places where they spend their time. We’ve got the advertising know-how, the flexible working style, and the lead generation expertise you need. 


Our consultancy team will deliver:

  • A sales and marketing strategy tailored to your specific targets and deadlines
  • A flexible team that works with your existing resource
  • Expertise in lead generation, branding, advertising, and social media
  • Management of admin for conveyancing and HTB, if required
  • Decades of experience, expertise and local knowledge
  • Tried-and-tested tactics combined with fresh thinking
  • End-to-end delivery, or targeted focus on specific areas